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Signs of our Times

Signs of our Times [Note: This is Heidi’s blog post] ***********   As America prepares to witness yet another major celestial sign in the cosmic sky – the much-anticipated super-blood-werewolf moon, we are once again reminded that werewolves are absolutely bloody everywhere, and not just in Wall Street! They are …

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Inspector Steve De’ak

Inspector Steve De’ak   Heidi’s Blog Post (comedy/satire)   Inspector Steve De’ak is currently working with French intelligence – namely Inspectors François Sebesi and François Roby (after their recent 9/11 truth conference in France), in order to help solve the crime of the millennium. After 17 years, the crime is …

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Welcome JT

Jahilliya Times (JT), AKA Heidi, AKA Truther Musical will be bringing her unique perspective, style and flair to Yankee451!  Welcome JT!

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