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Three Views of a Falling Man

Here are three videos of the same man captured from three different perspectives.  Simon Shack would have us believe all three are faked.  I believe he’s doing this as a way to discredit the truth movement in the eyes of …

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Tiny Windows Versus the King Kong Man

I was sooo wrong when I thought the windows on the west side of the north tower were “tiny.”  I apologize to anyone I may have led astray and hopefully this brief video will help clear things up.

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Hollow Towers

Lets Roll Forums calls them the Hollow Towers:

no light 3652346529_244a45800a_b_d 4536349606_59f6cef957_b 4546740832_22653ca68f_b 4546740848_b08e107bb2_b 4605169198_a47dff101d_b 4605224712_c22b837f2c_b 4627451059_b361c67d92_b 4725128015_388d60a98b_b Hollow walkways in what appears to be a hollow building. mechanical floor walkway 1 mechanical floor walkway 2 mechanical floor walkway 4 mechanical floor walkway 5 mechanical floor walkway crop wtccoreshilouette 2674952033_2013551544_b

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