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Signs of our Times

Signs of our Times [Note: This is Heidi’s blog post] ***********   As America prepares to witness yet another major celestial sign in the cosmic sky – the much-anticipated super-blood-werewolf moon, we are once again reminded that werewolves are absolutely bloody everywhere, and not just in Wall Street! They are …

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Inspector Steve De’ak

Inspector Steve De’ak   Heidi’s Blog Post (comedy/satire)   Inspector Steve De’ak is currently working with French intelligence – namely Inspectors François Sebesi and François Roby (after their recent 9/11 truth conference in France), in order to help solve the crime of the millennium. After 17 years, the crime is …

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The Design and Construction of the WTC

  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL TRUTHERS!!! Any serious study of the Twin Tower collapse needs to carefully examine the structure and foundations of the buildings.  I’m gob-smacked that the 9/11 Truth Movement hasn’t yet established an official agreed document about how the towers were made – before selling each …

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Welcome JT

Jahilliya Times (JT), AKA Heidi, AKA Truther Musical will be bringing her unique perspective, style and flair to Yankee451!  Welcome JT!

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