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An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars Posted on June 12, 2016 In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful   Dear Friends, Salam alaykum.    One is the foundation of existence. The hadith “God is with the group” reveals the One’s love of unity. …

An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars

An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful


imam-mehdiDear Friends, Salam alaykum. 


One is the foundation of existence. The hadith “God is with the group” reveals the One’s love of unity. And since our Prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, has promised that God will never abandon 12,000 Muslims united for a cause, we need you to ensure that we have at least 12,000 Western Muslim scholars in support of the 9/11 truth “Crash Test” project: 911crashtest.org .  We hope that such prominent Western scholars as: Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad and Sheikh Yusuf Estes will now openly speak up for 9/11 Truth and encourage their followers to do the same.


Our Prophet’s promise testifies that a unified body of sincere believers standing 12,000 strong is equal to a critical spiritual mass that can overcome any obstacle.

Today, the “9/11 Truth Campaign” exists as an intellectual and spiritual endeavour to address the real needs of our community in the fight against injustice.


There are events that happen that change your life forever.  9/11 was one of those events.  And it not only changed your life forever, but the lives of literally everyone on this planet.  There have been 2 illegal wars waged, 100,000’s (if not millions) of innocent people murdered, and untold emotional and physical damage done; all justified by this most heinous event.  There have also been many draconian laws, bills, and executive orders passed because of 9/11 such as: USA Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, NDAA, as well as many others that have usurped the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  All the while, consolidating power of the president effectively making him a war-time dictator.  And all of this because of 9/11!  Muslims have been the hardest hit community, and the need for us to unite against the forces of evil are greater now than they have ever been.  If we continue to fail to unite and support our oppressed brothers and sisters, things will only get much worse for all of us.


Now, the collective strength of the Muslim community – which includes you – is essential to defeat the fake ‘War on Terror’ – due to the 9/11 false-flag event.  If peace on Earth is to be achieved, this monumental Big Lie needs to be exposed once and for all by the Muslim community.  It is very shameful that we, as Muslims, have thus far remained silent, apathetic and complacent – when the “9/11 Truth Movement” is crying out for more support from our community, especially from our spiritual leaders in the Western world.


The Magnificent 12,000


Join this prophetically based initiative and be one of 12000 Strong Muslim scholars in support of 9/11 truth for world peace:  911crashtest.org 


Twelve thousand supporters openly voicing their concern about the 9/11 false-flag event, will ensure that more people are awakened to the Big Lie and its impact upon all our lives.  Teaching and learning that happens every day concerning “9/11 truth” is supported by our collective strength, enabling all prominent Muslim scholars to build the permanent endowment that will make the “9/11 Truth Movement” a lasting beacon of light and justice, not only for today, but for generations to come, God willing.


As Western Muslims, we are all current caretakers of the “9/11 Truth Campaign”, and we all need to ensure that truth thrives for those to come after us.  This “9/11 Truth Campaign” is your campaign for justice. Every step we have taken, by God’s grace, was with your help. As scholars for 9/11 truth, you and your supporters have made a longstanding dream of our community become a reality.   But this is only the beginning. You are in a unique position to promote both Arab-Muslim INTRA-cultural unity as well as cross-cultural unity for 9/11 truth. Now is the time to realize our goal of enlisting 12,000 strong Western Muslim scholars as prominent speakers for 9/11 truth, who will openly endorse our “Crash Test” project: 


We need a Critical Mass of: MASS UNITY & MASS ACTION and we need it NOW!


fake jet planeAll the post-911 wars and police-states stem from the 911 False Flag Big Lie.

The 911 False Flag Big Lie was sold mostly through endless repetition of the (2nd) plane crash (and explosion).


“Like A Knife Thru Butter”


Therefore, IF we can expose THAT lie (that a large Boeing commercial airliner can penetrate a TWC Twin Tower like a knife thru butter (i.e., without showing any signs of actually hitting it):


  1. i) no physical collision & at least partial break-up AT the façade,
  2. ii) no slow-down (significant measurable deceleration); iii) no exterior fuel explosion.


Then: all of the 911 False Flag Big Lie will appear before the world as the emperor’s new clothes.  The shock at the naked truth; the revulsion at the Big Lie (of a tiny minority) foisted on us billions; the immediacy of ending the killing and suffering will then occur.


We may not be able to say exactly HOW the masses will act; but ACT THEY WILL!


Please sign up now to endorse our “911 Crash Test” Project:


Motive: Unite The 911-Truth Movement TO Unite The Masses TO End The Wars & Police-State 

Means: Rocket-sled a Boeing wing-section into a reconstructed Twin Tower Exterior Panel:

in the following PROFESSIONAL manner:

  1. a) totally scientific;
  2. b) thoroughly documented; and
  3. c) completely open-to-public-view.


N.B. We envision a whole series of Aluminium Vs. Steel tests; (“learning how to do it by doing it”); building mass interest & support towards the Grand Finale.


Opportunity: Gaining ever-greater access to the people of the U.S. & World.

Regardless of whether we can get a test facility to actually agree to run such a test; the main point is the generation of the world-wide mass public debate of the 911 False Flag Big Lie.


IF our 911-Truth Movement gives this “Crash Test” project enough support; we will MAKE the opportunity.


With your open and courageous support, you too can be part of this new scientific initiative for 9/11 truth.   Be one of the first 12,000 Muslim scholars to sign up to endorse this “Crash Test” project, and be part of an unbeatable number – a prophetically prescribed number – ensuring heavenly aid in the service of the Best of Creation, God’s peace and blessings be upon him.


Yours sincerely,


Muslims for 9/11 Truth










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