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From Truther Musical – Dr. Judy Wood’s “Fifty Shades De’aker”

The latest from my friend, JT:   A love letter from Dr. Judy Wood to Steve De’ak:     Dear Steve, I thought that Dr. Jim Fetzer was my one and only “unrequited truther lover”, but it seems I may have been blinded by foolish love, as my true love …

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9/11 Phantom Warfare

This article and the linked video below are from Judy Wood’s minions “Conspiracy Cuber” and “Wolfclan Media,” allegedly in response to my recent articles. I find the article difficult to read but from what I gather they say a Tesla Death Ray, Programmable Matter and holograms were used.   …

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(UPDATED 3/3/18) – Video: 9/11 – World Trade Center; dismantled and hollow vs “micro nukes”

Edit: I refer to the viscoelastic dampers as plastic, but that was a flippant thing to say; they were actually steel with a viscoelastic material included. And to prove I have forgotten more than I can remember, I was also wrong about the truss sizes. The short trusses were 35 …

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Taboo Truths: Uncovering Flight 93

  “the Boeing 757’s fuselage disintegrated in a crater that collapsed on itself” – Pittsburg Post Gazette (10/15/01) “searchers said much of the wreckage was found buried 20 to 25 feet below the large crater.” – Standard-Times (09/11/02) “firefighters said the Boeing 757 tunneled right in. They had to dig …

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Tools of the Trade: Mark Conlon

Just a quick poke at Judy Wood’s tool, Mark Conlon.  From his post below, he seems to be nursing a grudge.  He won’t take comments on his blog and he is fond of being indignant and of accusing me of lying, so I thought I’d add a little fuel to …

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Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11

Continued from “Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement.”    I’m hearing a lot about fake news these days, that we need to beware of fake news on the Internet. The irony is bitter, because this warning is coming from the masters of fake news, the media outlets …

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Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement

  The destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 was used to justify war without end, and a global Police State.   I, for one, do not want to leave this world as my legacy without putting my name on the list of people who called, ‘bullshit.’  I owe it …

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Recently I’ve been targeted by a Judy Wood acolyte named Mark Conlon.  He’s a good example of why that crowd gives me the creeps.   This is how the stalking began: Out of the blue my YouTube channel started getting spammed by this “Conspiracy Cuber” character.  On this video’s comment section …

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Dear 9/11 Truth Movement

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement

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My Response to David Griscom

David Griscom, PhD, is talking smack again.  From a recent email he attached this message:   I’ve answered this question multiple times, so this may be the last time.  So file it some place.  Note that I am treating the plane that hit the south tower.  What hit the north …

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