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Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11

Continued from “Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement.”  I’m hearing a lot about fake news these days, that we need to beware of fake news on the Internet. The irony is bitter because this warning is coming from the masters of fake news, the media outlets like …

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Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement

The destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 was used to justify war without end, and a global Police State.   I, for one, do not want to leave this world as my legacy without putting my name on the list of people who called, ‘bullshit.’  I owe it to …

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Recently I’ve been targeted by a Judy Wood acolyte named Mark Conlon.  He’s a good example of why that crowd gives me the creeps.   This is how the stalking began: Out of the blue my YouTube channel started getting spammed by this “Conspiracy Cuber” character.  On this video’s comment section …

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Dear 9/11 Truth Movement

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement

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My Response to David Griscom

David Griscom, PhD, is talking smack again.  From a recent email he attached this message: I’ve answered this question multiple times, so this may be the last time.  So file it some place.  Note that I am treating the plane that hit the south tower.  What hit the north tower …

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My Response to Mark Conlon

Mark’s post can be found here:   http://mark-conlon.blogspot.com/2017/10/simon-shacks-king-kong-man-in-north.html Thursday, 26 October 2017 Simon Shack’s “King Kong Man” in North Tower Window – DEBUNKED! By Mark Conlon In this blog I want to draw attention to a video posted at Steve De’ak’s YouTube channel in 2015, where he admitted that he …

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Truther Musical’s Post: Unrequited Truther Lovers

Golly, not everyone hates everyone else, it seems!   From the post: “The list of truther secret ‘love’ goes on and on.  Most recently Brian Staveley asked the following about his secret platonic love of Steve De’ak:  “Not sure if Steve cares for me or not but he knows me …

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Just Another Pentagon Report

[gview file=”http://yankee451.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Just-another-Pentagon-report.pdf”]

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Jim Fetzer and Steve De’ak – a friendly rebuttal regarding JIm’s video “911: Who was Responsible and Why?”

  The above video is in response to this video from Jim Fetzer:   The below are the notes I took when watching his video:   2:20 – Shanksville gash was close to 120 feet in length, but the central crater was about 30 feet around and 15 feet deep.  …

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J.T.’s latest

I can’t thank J.T. enough.   To: Mott MacDonald Subject: Re: 9/11 Crash Test – Project Management Request FAO: Mott MacDonald Executive Board directors: Nick DeNichilo, Ed Roud, Guy Leonard, Mike Haigh, Keith Howells Mott MacDonald https://www.mottmac.com/ Dear Sirs,   A generous benefactor is offering “an obscene amount of money” …

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