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Musical Truther

Jahilliya Times (JT) is a friend of mine whom I have never met but is apparently a Muslim ex-journalist with a flair for satire. For the past couple years JT has been able to spark email conversations with the most well-known members of the fully-controlled but ironically-named 9/11 Truth Movement. …

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Corrected – Evidence that indicates the Naudet lobby scenes were prerecorded.

As can be seen in the image below, the fire truck shown at 1:09 was indeed facing north.   Thanks to my brother for correcting my stupid mistake.  Pfeiffer’s truck is still not visible but I was wrong about the fire truck’s position.  I have pulled the offending video.  My apologies.   The bottom line …

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Jim Fetzer, Sofia Smallstorm and Stephen Phillips on 9/11

  Show ID 48335:  

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A Slice of Life from the 9/11 Truth Movement

I have been embroiled in one of those infernal and endless email threads with some so called truthers.  This conversation has been going on for quite some time, and as with any group email thread, takes a few tangents, but I tried to keep the comments roughly chronological.  I corrected …

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Three Views of a Falling Man

Here are three videos of the same man captured from three different perspectives.  Simon Shack would have us believe all three are faked.  I believe he’s doing this as a way to discredit the truth movement in the eyes of the people we need to reach.  

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Tiny Windows Versus the King Kong Man

I was sooo wrong when I thought the windows on the west side of the north tower were “tiny.”  I apologize to anyone I may have led astray and hopefully this brief video will help clear things up.

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Hollow Towers

Lets Roll Forums calls them the Hollow Towers:

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YouTube Censorship

If I wasn’t on the right track I’m sure YouTube wouldn’t be censoring my videos.

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