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Video: The 9/11 Amateurs Were Using Tripods

Anyone who has ever toyed around with video editing knows how much fun it can be to use a tripod.  With footage captured by a camera on a tripod and with commonly used layering techniques a photographer can make things appear and disappear from the video. All of the 9/11 …

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“The Real Deal” with Jim Fetzer

I had a pleasant conversation with the inimitable Jim Fetzer the other day where we discussed the evidence that I think gets far too little attention from the truth movement, as well as some new observations about the Herzarkhani video that I now contend I was wrong about (frozen smoke).  …

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The Brave Truther Warrior

JT is still at it and still knows what buttons to push to get a response from the major players in the truth movement. She posted this on her blog, and then emailed it to my “fan club.” The email exchange is below. The Brave Truther Warrior From: Jahilliya Times Sent: …

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The Late Gerard Holmgren: No Planes

The late Gerard Holmgren (RIP) had 9/11 figured out more than a decade ago. The link below is to a transcript from a Skype call from between 2004 and 2006 (best guess) given to me by the late Rosalee Grable (RIP.) The audio is terrible but I managed to glean …

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The late Leslie Raphael’s work in PDF: Jules Naudet’s First Plane Shot Was Staged

After the late Gerard Holmgren’s work was scrubbed from the Internet (I was able to save some of his best work here: http://yankee451.com/?p=898) I figured it’s only a matter of time before the late Leslie Raphael’s magnificent expose on the Naudet fraud is flushed down the memory hole.  A couple …

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BREAKING: Veteran troll Gordon Duff behind Steve De’ak’s slander!

JT’s response to Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff’s latest laughable post about unclear weapons. BREAKING: Veteran troll Gordon Duff behind Steve De’ak’s slander – once again! Those concerned about Gordon Duff’s assault on Steve De’ak can contact him at anytime to comfort him – Steve particularly likes big hugs and a …

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Sofia Smallstorm/Steve De’ak interview on YouTube

Same interview but I have added some important graphics and animations for key sections and uploaded it to YouTube as a video.

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Sofia Smallstorm interviews Steve De’ak

Sofia Smallstorm was kind enough to share some of her Podcast time with me a few weeks back.  We discussed the 9/11 Crash Test project and the state of the 9/11 Truth Movement.   http://www.aboutthesky.com/images/stories/audio/SSmallstorm_podcast_049_06-13-16.mp3

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An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars An Open Letter To Prominent Western Muslim Scholars Posted on June 12, 2016 In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful   Dear Friends, Salam alaykum.    One is the foundation of existence. The hadith “God is with the group” reveals the One’s love of unity. …

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The Prolific Jim Fetzer does it again

He and I have our differences but I am trying to be less of a 9/11 snob, and will share my space with Jim.  This is not to say that I agree or disagree with what he writes, just sharing the work of a well respected colleague. 9/11 Who, how …

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