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Conversation with Roscoe Travis

This in response to a long post on YouTube from Roscoe Travis in response to the below video: Roscoe wrote: That is exactly what I was referring to which paints you into a corner. I found lots of the points in both the pieces interesting but it’s not really news that the ‘moral …

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Pablo Novi and Steve De’ak on “Collective Consiousness” on the American Underground Network

Pablo Novi and I were invited onto the American Underground Network show, “Collective Consciousness” to discuss the 9/11 Crash Test and our plans for the project.  Fair warning, we had technical problems at first but eventually got going , so hang in there and you’ll get to the Interview.  Collective …

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Jim Fetzer Interviews Pablo Novi!

Pablo Novi’s debut to discuss the 9/11 Crash Test project and his plans for shaking up the 9/11 Truth Movement:

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St. Nicholas and the Amazing Flying Wall Panel

Happy Anniversary! This video examines evidence that proves the NYPD is knee-deep in 9/11 fraud. Transcript: Hi, Steve De’ak here. It’s September 11 2014 and we’re now 13 years into the war on terror – still with no end in sight. In honor of the day I’d like to share …

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Welcome Pablo Novi!

Hi all, Please welcome my friend Pablo Novi.  Hopefully he and I will make some waves working together on the 9/11 Crash Test project.  In the meantime we’ve carved out this space for his stomping grounds.  I’ll leave it up to him to share his background.  Glad to have you …

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New York’s Lamest – corrupt is as corrupt does

(Hat tip to Tom Bartron, Thanks!) To all you true believers who were outraged by posts such as “The NYPD and Molten Concrete” read this and weep: NY’s fallen heroes: More than 100 retired 9/11 cops and firefighters busted for swindling $24million in disability benefits with fake illnesses and made-up …

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Sofia Smallstorm on Sandy Hook

My friend Sofia Smallstorm shines some light on Sandy Hook.  A must watch presentation:  

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The Missing Windows of the WTC

I first heard about the missing windows at LetsRoll Forums.  Here is some photographic evidence to support their hypothesis:   This is a closeup of the right corner of the gash.  Notice the windows – or absence of them.                       …

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9/11: The Pentagon Smoke Screen

Here I compare a military grade smoke machine with the smoke billowing from the Pentagon on 9/11. Thanks to LetsRoll Forums for bringing this to my attention:  Fake Smoke Machines at the Pentagon Still shots of the Smoke machine element igniting the smoke fluid:             …

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