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Eye Witness My Eye

The below is an exchange with a person claiming they witnessed a jet do the impossible with their own two eyes.  She even gave a name and a map of her location.  Unfortunately for her she chose the wrong location.  …

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Shanksville Pics

flt93-debrisGrass Free Zonestill not so straightdistance from center cratertall grass is in the foregroundsurface sod ShanksvilleCrashsite[1]

1994 - 2001 Gash Comparison

1994 – 2001 Gash Comparison

5161756[1]P200059_1[1]gallery3-4[1] shanksville1[2]no-debris-3 no-debris-4 no-debris-5excavatorflight-recorder-1fuselage-1 fuselage-2 jassm-parts-in-the-woods flight-recorder-1 excavatorno-debris1I use these images to link to when I post on other forums.…

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How the Shanksville Crater was made

Two cruise missiles striking in opposite directions at trajectories of about 10 degrees caused the gash at Shanksville. The first one struck creating a gash but the penetrating warhead did not detonate – it was embedded in the ground. The …

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The 9/11 Crash Test Project Video

Introduction to the 9/11 Crash Test project:

Tired of War Without End

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The NYPD and Molten Concrete

Corruption in big-city police departments is legendary.  Countless movies about dirty cops litter the video shelves; movies like Serpico, Internal Affairs, and the Godfather depict corruption everywhere.  Everyone’s aware of Philadelphia PD corruption, of the LAPD and Rodney King, etc., …

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Essential Reading from Gerard Holmgren

HolmgrenThe late Gerard Holmgren pioneered the “no-planes” conclusion.  Holmgren was diagnosed in 2010 with a strange and very aggressive cancer when he was the same age as I am now, 51; two weeks later he was dead.  Holmgren’s work was …

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