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The late Gerard Holmgren (RIP) had 9/11 figured out more than a decade ago. The link below is to a transcript from a Skype call from between 2004 and 2006 (best guess) given to me by the late Rosalee Grable (RIP.) The audio is terrible but I managed to glean what I think is a very accurate transcript. If anyone wants to know how you were duped by a simple “con-trick” please watch the video and read the transcript. 28 Minutes.

Or you can continue to ignore it.

“It was a very simple con-trick which shows a movie, or a cartoon, whichever way you want to look at it – and they put the label “NEWS” on it and because nobody suspected that they would lie to us in such a blatant fashion we thought that it was real. They gave us one clip which appeared to be a plane crashing into a building but it actually wasn’t, it was an animation of a plane passing behind a building. We saw that and from that we extrapolated in our minds the false illusion that we saw lots and lots of planes hitting lots and lots of buildings and that we saw it live. Once you realize how the illusion was constructed then it becomes very, very simple to unravel it. It’s actually very simple, they showed us a movie and they put the label of “NEWS” on it, and we believed it because we weren’t expecting it.”

Please watch this video while reading the below transcript.  If any of you have better suggestions for what he’s saying, please email me at

Hi, I’m Gerard Holmgren and I’m speaking to you today from Sidney, Australia and we’re talking today about how we worked-out that no planes actually hit the world trade center on September 11th.  I’m assuming that a lot of you are already familiar with the evidence that no big plane hit the Pentagon on September 11th, and that there is no evidence of a plane crash anywhere in Pennsylvania.  So we already know that they faked two of the alleged four plane crashes but to the casual observer you might be thinking, “well okay they faked two of the crashes, but the other two we saw them on TV and we saw them happen live, so those two crashes must have happened.”  But in fact it was a very simple but brilliantly constructed con-trick, and I’m going to explain how that would…how that would be an illusion together.  In order to explain that we need to sort-out the exact timeline of exactly what we did see on TV that day and what you may have constructed in your own mind about what you saw.

Now the reason I say that is because a friend of mine who I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to convince that it was an inside-job, he insists that he actually saw live footage of the plane crashing into the Pentagon that day and that he saw footage of a smashed-up plane lying across the lawn of the Pentagon.  Now of course we all know that he saw no such thing because no such footage exists and no such thing happened.  However it is understandable that he constructed this in his own mind because what we all saw on television on September 11th is we saw what looked like lots of planes hitting lots of buildings.  We saw what appeared to be a plane flying into a tower of the world trade center and we saw it over and over and over, and we saw it from different angles and we had it hammered into us for several days. And particularly in a shocking situation like that, it’s not conducive to thinking very clearly so most of us came away with the impression that we just saw lots of planes hitting lots of buildings and that it was all shown live.  What I’m going to do now is to deconstruct what we actually saw from the false memories that some of us might have put into our minds about what we think we saw that morning, because as I’ve demonstrated with the example of my friend, his idea that he saw a plane crash into the Pentagon and that he saw it live on TV is completely fabricated within his own mind.

It’s not because that he’s stupid or he’s insane it’s because this is how a skillful con-artist works.  They create one delusion which appears to be convincing and that’ll put a thought into your head and once that thought is in your head they then leave you to construct the dots, or to connect the dots, and construct the rest of the picture in your own mind.  And that’s far more convincing when you construct it in your own mind than if someone tries to actually create it or is to appoint themselves and do it – to put those thoughts into your head.  So what’s happened with the example of my friend is that he saw the footage over and over and over of what he thinks are lots of planes hitting lots of buildings and while that’s all happening, he’s got commentators telling him that four planes have crashed.  And so what happens subconsciously is he thinks, “I’m seeing four planes crash,” and over time he constructs that illusion in his own mind.  This is how we were all fooled on September 11th and in order to understand how we were fooled it’s very important to go over the timeline and then get exactly what we did see on TV and in the imaginary extrapolations that we made from that, the illusions we put into our minds to construct for ourselves.

The first tower to be hit was the North Tower.  It’s very important to remember that no footage of this was shown live.  That when it happened most reports came in that there was an explosion of some kind at the North Tower and cameras started to – news cameras started to gather around the tower, and people were looking up at the burning tower and there was a lot of speculation as to what caused it, and if you look through the news archives from the time you’ll find a distinct lack of anybody saying it was a large plane.  Some people said it was only an explosion or a bomb, some people said it was a small plane, some people said it was a missile.

It was in fact only one witness who said it was a large plane and that witness just happened to be a vice president of CNN.  And, looking at his report from where he says that he saw it he couldn’t possibly have seen the incident.  Now after he made that report he was then contradicted by every other witness, everyone else was interviewed said that it was either a small plane or a missile or an explosion.   But there wasn’t a lot of time to gather a lot of witnesses because there was only 18 minutes between the two strikes and so while we were still trying to work out what had happened in relation to the North Tower then we all saw what we though was a big plane hitting the South Tower, and we saw that live, so that seemed to be very convincing and seemed to be very real at the time.

So just for the moment let’s put aside the South Tower, and let’s say that was a real plane and that we did see it live but let’s remember that at the time we had seen nothing to imply that a big plane had hit the North Tower.  We saw no wreckage of any such plane, we have no witness support for any such plane and we have no footage of any such plane.  All we had to put the idea into our heads was that something had hit the North Tower, we weren’t sure what it was, and then we thought we saw a big plane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center, and then we were told by the officials that they had worked-out that American flight 11 had hit the North Tower.

And of course that seemed to make sense at the time because we had just seen a big plane crashing into the South Tower so we know what that was, the damage was similar to the North Tower and they just told us that two planes are confirmed as having crashed so obviously then we think a big plane had hit the North Tower as well.  And what they did for the rest of the day is released all the footage of the South Tower crash, we still couldn’t see anything from the North Tower crash but we were seeing the South Tower over and over again and we were seeing it from lots of different angles.  And because we were seeing it from lots of different angles and because it was a very shocking event and as if that wasn’t shocking enough, then we had the collapse of the towers after that, so it wasn’t conducive to people thinking clearly and sorting-out exactly what they were seeing.  We just saw these horrific images over and over again of lots of planes hitting lots of buildings.  And we had commentators telling us a plane has crashed into the North Tower and 18 minutes later a plane has crashed into the South Tower, here’s the footage and then we see lots and lots of angles of planes crashing into towers.  And so what most of us did is we did what they wanted us to do and we constructed in our own minds the idea that we were seeing footage of two planes crashing into two towers.  In fact we were only seeing one.

Also we would have got confused about what we saw live and what we didn’t see live, because for a start, there would have been a lot of people who didn’t actually see the live footage, they would have switched-on their TV afterwards and just seen all this imagery of these different angles of the South Tower being hit over and over again, and they would have been told that there was live footage and they would have been shown live clips as well and so then people construct in their own minds that this was all shown live, that all these different angles that they were seeing that they were all live.  And the people who did see it live of course they were able to watch one TV session at a time, so if they saw that live footage and then later on they started looking around to the other TV channels and see this other footage and they were told if a plane hit the World Trade Center and it was shown live then it’s quite easy for them to put the thought into their minds that different TV networks would have shown different live footage.  And as this goes on we would have also been told over and over that a plane had also crashed into the North Tower 18 minutes earlier.  And after a couple of days of this sort of shock and awe, people have lost track of what they saw live and what was a replay, if they ever had a clear idea of that to begin with.  And a comment which I’ve very commonly heard from debunkers, they say, “I saw footage that clearly shows both planes crashing into the World Trade Center and they were both shown live.”

Now it’s understandable that people got that idea put into their heads but in fact it wasn’t true.  What they saw was one shot and one shot only of the South Tower being hit live, and then all the other shots of that were shown afterwards.  They didn’t see any footage at all of the North Tower being hit live.

And if we take a closer look at the live shot of the plane hitting the South Tower we’ll see that we didn’t actually see it hit the tower at all.   What we saw was, imagine that this is your view of the World Trade Center tower and we saw a second or two of what appeared to be a plane come across the screen and pass behind the building giving the impression that it had impacted the hidden face of the building.  Now this was the only way that they could have created the illusion, because to show live in real time a full-on view of the impact would have been too difficult, but to animate a second or two of the plane coming across the screen and pass behind the building, to put that in in real time is child’s play, they’ve been using that kind of technology for years in commercial uses and advertising and sports games and that sort of thing.  So what we actually saw was one live shot of what appeared to be a plane passing behind the South Tower giving the impression that it had impacted the hidden face.  And then we saw hours later of lots and lots of angles of the same tower getting hit, we still couldn’t see anything of the North Tower.

Now the North Tower strike was not actually shown on TV until I believe the earliest time was about midnight, by that time everybody had got the idea into their heads that there were lots of planes hitting lots of buildings and they had seen it all live.  A lot of people wouldn’t even realize when they’re seeing this footage which tower was which.  They just see there’s a plane here hitting a building and a plane here hitting a building.  Here’s a plane coming from the other side of the building, here’s a plane looking at it straight-on, just lots and lots of planes hitting lots and lots of buildings and the commentator is telling them over and over again the North Tower was hit by American airlines flight 11, the South Tower was hit by United airlines 175 and then they’ll tell us about the Pentagon and Pennsylvania and of course we construct the rest of it in our minds.

So when for the first time footage was actually shown of the North Tower strike it’s understandable that nobody really thought to take a close look and see if there’s a plane in the footage and of course there isn’t.  If you see the footage at 4:30 and at 5 you’ll be seeing it on TV, all you’ll see is a flash and an explosion, you can’t see any plane.  And of course most people would have thought it’s just too fast to see in that particular shot and it’s too far away or it’s too blurry or I went home and I just didn’t look carefully enough because people had already got the idea in their minds that they’ve already seen that plane hit the tower and they’ve seen it from lots of different angles and of course they’ve got confused about which footage they have been shown the day before, they had just had 16 hours of shock and awe of a plane hitting a building over and over again, so they think they’ve already seen it from a different angle.  So if they then see a piece of footage of the North Tower being struck it’s understandable that they won’t be able to really critically think, “Hang on – where’s the plane in that footage?”

Now I’ll leave it to other presenters to show you the actual footage of the North Tower and you’ll see that there is no plane in the footage, that there is a strange-looking object I will call “the blobs 11” but there is absolutely no reason to believe that that was a large passenger jet or any kind of conventional plane.  That preconception was put into our heads purely through the mechanism which I’ve just explained, of seeing the South Tower supposedly get hit live on TV and then seeing that from multiple angles later, and then fooled into thinking that we saw both planes hit both towers, and we saw it clearly, and that we saw it live.

So let’s move on to the South Tower.  As I mentioned the only shot we was done live we don’t actually see it hit the building, you see it pass behind the building and are giving the impression that it impacted the hidden face.  Hours later then they come up with this footage of what appears to be a direct impact and it appears to be shown from many different angles.  And again I’ll leave it to other presenters to show you that footage examined in more detail and you’ll see looking closely at that, at the footage of the direct hits of what it appears to be an aircraft, but in fact it is a crude cartoon.  When you slow it down and take a good look at it you’ll see that the plane is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

So this was how the illusion was put into our minds; one clip of what appears to be a plane passing behind the tower, alright, they made us believe that we saw the South Tower get hit live.  Once we believed that then when we were told that the North Tower was hit by a similar object, well that seems logical, the damage was similar, and why would they lie to us?  That explained the first plane hit.  So then we believed in two plane crashes, then of course it becomes much easier to believe in a third plane crash because that seems logical as well.  So with the Pentagon they didn’t have to show us any footage at all, all they showed us was some photos of the building with some damage to it, and we though okay we saw two planes that hit live on TV, that’s the illusion that they created in their minds, and supposedly American airlines flight 77 has disappeared and we can see this big hole in the Pentagon, well obviously a third plane crashed as well.

And then, once we believed in three plane-crashes then of course it becomes much easier to believe in a fourth plane crash.  They didn’t need to show us anything of that at all; they just told us that it had happened – and we didn’t see any crash site, we didn’t see any wreckage, there’s no wrecked building or anything, they just said another jet crashed in Pennsylvania.  And we believed it.  And finally when we started to get photos you’ll see that there’s no sigh of a plane crash, all there is is a hole in the ground.

So all of this illusion was created from that one live clip of here’s the World Trade Center, here’s what appears to be a plane passing behind it.  Now, we see lots of things on TV – every day we see car chases, fist fights, gun battles, dinosaurs, are they all real?  Now, they look real-enough.  How do we know which ones real and which ones aren’t?  Unless we actually take everything we see on TV and go over it with a fine-toothed comb and look for evidence of fakery or staging.  We don’t have the time to do that; we don’t have the inclination to do it, so we actually have no way of knowing whether that gun-battle we’ve just seen on TV is staged, or actors, or that the dinosaur you see on TV is an animation or whether they’re real.  So how do we make a decision in our minds about whether what we see on TV is real, or whether it’s animated or staged?  Well basically the networks tell us.  And we trust them, because they put a label on it; they say that this is the news, and therefore it’s real and this is a movie and therefore it’s not real.

But if I were to swap the labels over, then how would we know?  We wouldn’t unless we took a closer look at the footage which is what I’m asking you to do.  Because once you look at the footage of flight 11 hitting the North Tower you’ll see that there’s no plane in the footage.  Once you look at the footage of ‘cartoon 175’ hitting the South Tower you’ll see that it was no real plane and it’s a crude cartoon.

So I would like to relate a story about how a friend found of mine found out about September 11th.  Here in Sydney it happened about midnight our time, so a lot of us didn’t find out about it until we got up the next morning.  And so she got up early in the morning and she was walking past her lounge room and the TV happened to be on with the sound down.  And she glanced at it and saw this plane flying into this building and she thought, “that’s a bit heavy to have on at this time of the morning, isn’t it?”  And so she went and had a look at it, with the sound still down, and she thought this was some really crappy B-grade violent movie with really bad special effects, and “why have I got it on at this time in the morning?”

And so she was just watching it for a while out of curiosity and thinking what a really bad-looking movie it was and how unconvincing this plane-crash was.  And then as she started seeing replays over and over she started to get curious and so she turned the sound up, and then started to realize that this was real, it was the news.  So her first impression was that it wasn’t real, she thought it was a movie.  And she turned to believe that it was real because someone told her it was real, because the networks told her that it was real.

Now I’d like to, I’d like you to put yourself in the situation of say you put on a big new movie or something and you’re a bit bored and there’s nothing better to do so you just switch on the TV and think you’ll find a movie, and what you see is a news presenter telling you that war has broken out between India and Pakistan and you see columns of tanks rolling along, you see buildings being blown up and bombs going off and gun battles and reporters from the field talking about what’s going on and you think, “Oh my god!  It’s the big one!”  And you watch and watch for a while and suddenly a thought comes to you – “Well hang on, maybe this is just a movie” – you know, “I hope it’s just a movie.”  So then you look at the TV guide and you see a new big movie; “The Final Conflict” and you think, “Oh!  Thank god!  War hasn’t broken out!…This is just a movie.”  Then it cuts to the news room and the news room says, “We apologize for the interruption to regular programming but we need to bring you the update from this very serious situation between India and Pakistan.”  And then you think, “Well maybe it is real and maybe this isn’t the movie, “Final Conflict,” maybe they broke into that and they’re actually showing us the news.  So I’m seeing all these gun-battles and buildings blowing up, am I watching a movie or am I watching the news?  You actually don’t know, you have to work out what the network is telling you to believe.   And most of the time it’s easy because they put a clear label on it, you know?  This is the news, this is a movie.   Makes the decision very easy but in a hypothetical situation like that it could get very confusing, and then suppose you have to get off to work and you never really found out and so you spend the rest of the day at work wondering if war has broken out between India and Pakistan and you can only find out by maybe talking to someone else or by buying a newspaper or whatever.
So the point being that when we were watching that realistic-looking footage on TV, of columns of tanks and buildings blowing-up and those sorts of things, you’re prepared to change your mind at certain times, this is real, no not real, yes it is real, no not real.  You’re constantly swapping backwards and forwards between thinking, “ah, it’s a movie, no it’s the news” and what was the basis for your belief? Clearly what you thought the networks were telling you.  If the networks were telling you it was the news then you were prepared to believe that it was real, if they were telling you that it was a movie, then you were prepared to believe that it was all fake.

So, what do you think about that?  It’s just scary that we have that much trust in the networks.  If they say to us that this is the news and not a movie we believe it.  If they say this is a movie and not the news, we believe that too.

Now given that most of you are already aware of the multitude of lies that we’ve already been told about September 11th, do you really want to trust the networks that much that if I show you an image of what appears to be a plane hitting a building and I say, “This is the news,” that you’re prepared to put out of your mind any question about they might just showing a movie and putting the label of ‘NEWS’ on it.  Are you prepared to believe the media, against the evidence of your own eyes when you look at the footage of “blobs 11” and “cartoon 175” you’ll see that “blobs 11” is not a plane and you’ll see that “cartoon 175” is a cartoon.

So if after looking at that footage and still thinking that it’s real, then perhaps I can buy you two free tickets to Jurassic Park with accommodations on an imaginary airlines, because we saw that on TV too and the dinosaurs looked a whole lot more real than “cartoon 175.”

It was a very simple con-trick which shows a movie, or a cartoon, whichever way you want to look at it – and they put the label “NEWS” on it and because nobody suspected that they would lie to us in such a blatant fashion we thought that it was real.  They gave us one clip which appeared to be a plane crashing into a building but it actually wasn’t, it was an animation of a plane passing behind a building.  We saw that and from that we extrapolated in our minds the false illusion that we saw lots and lots of planes hitting lots and lots of buildings and that we saw it live.  Once you realize how the illusion was constructed then it becomes very, very simple to unravel it.  It’s actually very simple, they showed us a movie and they put the label of “NEWS” on it, and we believed it because we weren’t expecting it.


sailorbill · April 6, 2017 at 9:31 pm

its been my view from the beginning ,especially the disappearing plane in the ground & then the missile hole in the Pentagon. Black boxes??.dancing Israelis, PUT options a week before on the German stock market($millions).ZIONISTS=AIPAC=CHAENY=BUSH=CIA=FED=HOLLOWOOD=RICE=FBI=NY MAYER=911TRUTH.

Kris Gamrath · October 4, 2017 at 1:25 am

Hi Steve.

This is a good talk from Holmgren.

Concerning the 9/11 truth movement: do You know of any branch, that is NOT controlled or infiltrated?
Because then I´d like to join.
Or should I just start a branch called
“genuine, un-biased activity for 9/11 truth”?

    Steve De'ak · December 21, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Any group will be infiltrated. The only group that won’t be infiltrated is one with you as it’s sole member.

Kristian Gamrath Loekkegaard · May 31, 2022 at 9:29 am

Unfortunately you are probably right.

Steve, I just (minutes ago) reached out in another comment , elsewhere. Asking about the name of the (first) guy who tore apart the story from The Naudets….

sincerely yours,
Kris(tian) Gamrath Loekkegaard

    Steve De'ak · May 31, 2022 at 8:34 pm

    H Kristian!

    Leslie Raphael – rest in peace.

    All the best,


      Kristian Gamrath Løkkegaard · June 1, 2022 at 7:23 am

      Thanks for your quick response , Steve. Yes, precisely the name of the guy I had forgotten.

      Since last time we had contact I have learned that at least about 10-15 people here in Denmark, Scandinavia, agree with your hypotheses concerning 9/11. One being that the leadership of AEfor911trout is totally compromised as is 99.9 % of the “truth” movement.

      I wish the number was much higher than about 10-15.

      “Paradigm shifts in paradigm shifts”, as I call it myself, take time……
      Paradigm shift one: 9/11 was an inside job.
      Paradigm shift two: 9/11 was a complete hoax.

      Let’s stay in touch. All the best, Kristian

Kristian Gamrath Løkkegaard · June 1, 2022 at 7:20 am

Thanks for your quick response , Steve. Yes, precisely the name of the guy I had forgotten.

Since last time we had contact I have learned that at least about 10-15 people here in Denmark, Scandinavia, agree with your hypotheses concerning 9/11. One being that the leadership of AEfor911trout is totally compromised as is 99.9 % of the “truth” movement.

I wish the number was much higher than about 10-15.

“Paradigm shifts in paradigm shifts”, as I call it myself, take time……
Paradigm shift one: 9/11 was an inside job.
Paradigm shift two: 9/11 was a complete hoax.

Let’s stay in touch. All the best, Kristian

Steve De'ak · June 11, 2022 at 1:02 pm

Don’t let the numbers sway you, despite how astonishing, and not to mention, discouraging, they are. The powers that shouldn’t be knew exactly what they were doing. Holmgren, again, had it all figured out a decade and a half ago.

Matthew Henry · July 31, 2022 at 8:42 pm

The crazy thing about it all as far as y’all conspiracy people go, none of y’all were there, I was there, for 20 years you guys have been barking up a tree that doesn’t exist, it is what it is planes at the building and you can blame Bush or bin Laden or call it fiction or call it fake news… I call it the sobering reality that changed my life and none of you guys are even from America that guy who just threw up the video and you’re saying is no longer with us, he’s not correct at all and Steve you should be ashamed of yourself for being a part of the hype over nada, I was there maybe you were to Steve and your pictures are real but then again everyone quote seems to be from Netherlands or Australia, i’m not sad that you guys do this and that y’all are making things up as they go along, I’m sad that I have trauma due to the victims that didn’t get out that day unlike myself, the Internet has become filled with lies and you help perpetrate these now we have absolutely no trust in anything we read and you have to have been there to absorb the truth, no laughing, lots of crying and silly distractions like these keep my friends alive who died that day, I’ll see you at the pools

    Steve De'ak · August 1, 2022 at 6:50 am

    Matthew Henry,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I was not there. I have met many, many people who were there, or at least claimed to have been there, but in the end the results are the same. They didn’t see a jet crash, only an explosion.

    If any of my conclusions are incorrect, then I will correct them and publicly apologize. But as the damage evidence shows (photos and videos we all have access to), you didn’t see any jets crash into the buildings, except on television. It doesn’t matter where Gerard Holmgren came from. He was right.

    So where were you, and what did you see?

    Please provide the names of your friends and where they were in the WTC complex at the time of demolition. Were they working at Cantor Fitzgerald or Marsh and McLennan, by any chance?

    And please don’t claim some moral outrage for my asking for some proof of whatever it is you’re claiming, emotions have nothing to do with investigating an historical event of this magnitude.

    Thanks again,


      Matthew Henry · August 1, 2022 at 10:35 pm

      I was on the 24th floor of Milenium Hilton, what I saw was more than enough to realize what happened and sure the job, whether inside or not doesn’t matter anymore, we would have been locking cockpit doors in the 70s if we were smart, to be in lower Manhattan that day with my missing north being hit as I wasn’t in position to see and I had no forewarning I then hung out in my room and sitting on the bed I saw South take the hit, I can only wish I was hallucinating, I was supposed to meet with a man at EuroBrokers on floor number sky lobby 2 then we would go up to his office… obviously I never went but the only surviving member of the people I was communicating is the infamous Brian Clark who saw nothing but his acquaintance Stanley did see it hit under him, I still find it hard to believe that anybody would make it down being initially above impact zone but between Brian and Stanley I learned all I need to, on September 10 I had met a girl who worked in building 7 and she parrished I’m not allowed to speak of her says her dad… I ran out the Fulton street exit when I had a break from the chaos and I wanted to find Dee wasn’t concerned with Eurobrokers however the sounds and sights told me to run for the Hamptons so I experienced the escape no longer seeing anything but my reflection running… it’s was months later I was contacted by a friend in Manhattan who told me of Brian’s survival so in 2014 I met Brian after 15 years of phone conversations only, he talked of Stanley and I called and I doubt he would lie he was recollecting on impulse, also I haven’t met anyone who was at ground zero that day who cares about inside or outside job, I’m an investment banker however I’m a body language critic with a ton of practice and mr Holmgren isn’t lying he’s just telling a story that isn’t the reality of that day and I am very comfortable with people drawing their own conclusions just pointing out that he’s wrong and his body language is that of story writer/teller not investigator with research, why should it really matter our govt is crooked, needs no justification to do anything and destroying New York benefits nobody, I used to act shocked at weird questions but not now, if anything all this keeps Dee alive for me through indirect discussions so I’m up for communicating

      Steve De'ak · August 2, 2022 at 9:35 am

      Thank you.

      Everything you described can be obtained from videos and articles online.

      If what you say is true, you missed the first explosion, but you caught the second one from your hotel room in the Milennium hotel. From that vantage point the south face of the South Tower was hidden, which is where 175 allegedly crashed, so you could only see the explosion. But the television was also playing in your hotel room, no doubt, which is where you saw the plane. Just like the rest of us. Just as described by Gerard Holmgren.

      It is very important to the perpetrators that the public believes a lot of people died on 9/11, because without the outrage generated by the loss of life, there would be no justification for the last 20 years of mass murder. And of course, having the best propaganda machine in the history of the world, the perpetrators would be sure to saturate the mass media, both mainstream and alternative, with emotional tales to support that claim. It would be of paramount importance to the perpetrators that the public had no clue the WTC complex was prepared for demolition, so they would be sure to have plenty of light shows, parties, meetings, stunts, and other activities to support the belief that it was business as usual for those shitty buildings. It is the big-lie, after all. After enough repetition, some people believe they actually saw a plane slice thorugh a steel building.

      Sounds to me like Homgren was spot-on.

Matthew Henry · August 2, 2022 at 7:27 pm

That was well put on your behalf and you didn’t step over any boundaries nor did you cross the line with questionable accusations so I’m proud of you for that, I don’t know if you think like I do in certain terms but when my ex-wife asked me “are you 100% certain he picked up my cigarettes”… “I saw it, the cigarettes were gone, he left real quick but in reality terms I’ve never 100%, I conceivably could’ve been dreaming in a nap so 99% at most but yeah he stole your smokes”… she was live it however I stand by the statement and I’m using this statement to compare what you are saying most all of the American populace or the world for that matter as they say they are 100% when that’s not really possible unless you were on top of wherever the explosions happened or on the plane or part of the demolition team what have you… Other people take offense to these opposing theories and I do not, I am right there with you in the fact that the government pulls wool over our eyes and has four over a century or ever since JFK I guess but I’m sure before with that the powers that be decide to leave cockpit doors open during flights that I realized at age 9 is a precursor to a very bad situation so there are things that point toward the government but their mass murder of individuals throughout the world especially in Arab countries has been going on for a very long time and especially as the media has turned sour and somewhat dishonest the politicians have now this media in their back pocket proven by Covid so I wouldn’t doubt they had their essence of culpability but they don’t need all of that death to justify going to Afghanistan or Pakistan flying right over millions of starving people in Senegal or Kenya just to raise hell as we here are used to the bully style of government the United States uses across-the-board also we purchase countries essentially giving them $10 billion and they will go along with our lies so I have no problems with that part of your observations or any of them for that matter I just know what it was like to be in lower Manhattan that day and I still maintain my stance; inside job or outside job they are all attached at the hip in someway shape or form, the United States government is not here to protect people like myself it’s here to protect those who have their best interest in mind financially and psychologically… i’m not to hip on the fact that Mr. home had to be the one to open other people‘s eyes the incident in itself should have people researching and have people drawing conclusions and I just don’t like the way the guy came off like I said I’m a body language person and I’m very rarely does somebody steer me away because of their body language someone like Donald Trump also had body language problems sodas Joe Biden and by the way those two guys are much more similar on so many levels than me versus either of those two guys so we know they are in cahoots and killing 343 firefighters would not be a problem in the conscience of either of those men or the guys running the country at the time of 9/11, I will also bring up the fact that I have met George Bush Junior our 43rd president at the time he was the governor of Texas and we were at a Texas Rangers baseball game I got to sit next to him for the ninth-inning and he was very kind to me and he was very adamant about not wanting to be president and told me “if I ever become president it’s because I owed somebody something”… I look at that much different light now that we have all that we have historically and in hindsight… I think you understand where I’m coming from as I do understand where you’re coming from we just have different observations because we were in different places on that day and have studied or researched this event from our own vantage point, I don’t know where you are in the world but I am in Dallas Texas where the biggest of conspiracies in our country has ever happened… So you’re going to kill the most protected person on earth in broad daylight with 10,000 police officers working right there in downtown and inevitably nobody will be held accountable and that was an inside job for sure it all took place the night before he was assassinated at the Murchison Ranch right across the street from where I am now so we can go on with America’s unjust doings I just miss my friend Dee, I like the communication so I’m willing to discuss all you would like

    Steve De'ak · August 3, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    It’s not that they don’t have it in them to kill 343 firefighters.

    It’s that the evidence doesn’t support that conclusion.

Matthew Henry · August 3, 2022 at 8:20 pm

Oh I get it you don’t believe that 400 and firefighters have died since 9/11, well that puts you in a different category one that would seem, like Holmgren, I believe you are not American and have not been to America and if so it was briefly, you have to have a feel for a community, a culture and the real truth will show you everything you’ll need to see or know once you are a part of that culture and I’m gathering that you are not a part of this culture nor the one or ever you are considering home… I thought I could take you seriously but this is what I was told would happen when I heard people existed who had alternate theories of 911 I didn’t realize it would a bunch of theatrical long reads from people never a part of American culture, this does not eliminate you from 911 discussions just limits you in your analysis and again like Holmgren you would be good in theatre, drama or art class… you would fail out of a history, physics or philosophy class, nothing wrong with that though I only hope that you can find your niche but it’s definitely not 911

    Nancy Rowe · September 14, 2022 at 5:39 pm

    I do believe the deep state/Illuminati/one worlders/build back as a totalitarian state proponents inspired by evil principalities were the planners and the money behind these crashes and building collapses, even to deceiving and hiring Muslims to do the piloting. However I do not find the “no planes” theory plausible because too many airport/airline employees and loved ones of the passengers could not be deceived into believing these planes and crews disappeared if they did not.

      Steve De'ak · September 14, 2022 at 8:58 pm

      So, this big lie is too big to get away with, in other words?

    Matthew Henry · September 15, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Good job Nancy as the layout for totalitarian state crime is all over the incident but to believe the out of mind types is to go too far down the rabbit hole like this idiot Holmgren or the other few who prescribe to this nonsense, middle ground indeed and the author here Steve has on blinders

      Steve De'ak · September 16, 2022 at 11:02 am

      ” the author here Steve has on blinders”


      Steve De'ak · September 16, 2022 at 12:10 pm

      Hey Matthew,

      I would love to hear your theory about how the evidence I use to support my conclusions, doesn’t support my conclusions as well as it supports yours. Until you do that, you’re the one with the blinders. The same goes for Nancy.


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