Yankee Radio

  • James Fetzer was kind enough to invite me to his show to discuss the 9/11 Crash Test, the ironically named Truth Movement, and other issues:  The Real Deal
  •  Morgan Reynolds had me on the his show to discuss the Crash Test project and 9/11:  The Reynolds Reveal.



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  2. Pablo

    Hey Steve,
    It was only thru a lot of persistence that I was able to track down your Morgan Reynolds interview. I was NOT able, even with persistence, to track down your letsroll interview.
    Your links, rather than take me to YOUR specific interviews, seemed to take me to a page full of interviews/programs. From there, one has to search for your specific one.

    Unless it’s just my incompetence (not impossible – hehe); perhaps you’d want to make finding these interviews easier?


    1. Yankee451

      Hi Pablo,

      Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the Reynolds link, but you may not see my name on the Lets Roll link because I was supposed to be one of the hosts – but the guest was a no show so Phil and I winged it for a couple hours. Skip the first 6 or so minutes, we had technical difficulties.

      The other links look okay though.

      I’m sorry about that – thanks again.


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